Shawn and Christine's Wedding

Shawn and Christine's Hudson Gardens Wedding took place in the Rose Garden and the Garden Canopy. This venue is very popular and a great option for those who want to stay near Denver.  The  garden has something to offer in the spring, summer and fall as it has so many portrait opportunities with all the different flowers and greenery. 

Christine and Shawn both got ready in the getting ready rooms at the garden. The bridal suit is specially cozy and lovely. Shawn saw his beautiful bride walking down the isle for the first time and the emotion on his face was very special to document.  Not having a timeline from the bride made things a little hectic to capture, but we were able to document all those special moments.  As you can see in some of the photos, the day was just perfect and lovely.  It rain a little towards the end of the portrait session after the ceremony, but for the most part everything worked out for the best. The rain held off until really late at night.

Shawn and Christine had their ceremony in the Rose Garden. This garden is one of my favorite and you will be able to see all the greenery and gorgeous portraits of the couples and the bridal party.  The arch is in front of a huge fountain, which gives us a great place to photograph the happy couple.

 I was so honored to photograph their wedding! The whole day was filled with so much love and joy and was truly perfect!


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