Jacobi & T'Quael |Ice Castle| Colorado Mountain Wedding Photographer

When Jacobi and TeQuael contacted me to do their upcoming wedding, I was pretty excited. Their wedding is not until 2019, but I cannot wait to photograph this amazing couple. I invited them to participate at a photographer's shootout with other photographers and we had so much fun. I will be doing another engagement session soon. 

For TeQuael it was love at first sight, but maybe he didn't know at that time. Jacobi, however, wasn’t so sure. After he sent a text message saying "hi" she replied back and the rest is history. When They first started talking, they had no interest in being together so they just became really good friends. Their relationship blossomed to best friends. He would call her after school everyday and we would just stay on the phone until one of them fell asleep! Eventually they started talking about being together, they even tried it out a few times but it never really stuck. Then on April 11,2011, it was her graduation party, and they made it official!!

Congratulations and I cannot wait to photograph your lovely wedding!




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