Melissa & Chris | Colorado Wedding Photographer

I met this amazing couple during the summer of 2017. I wasn't sure they were going to book me, but I immediately loved them both. As a Colorado Wedding photographer, they were one of my ideal couples. I could tell they were not a 100% sure they wanted to hire me, but I am glad they did. Their story began around 4 years ago. Christopher was holding a "friendsgiving" thanksgiving for friends. Melissa just happened to be friends with a mutual friend and tagged along with to go to the friendsgiving. She knew immediately Christopher was an amazing man, but they did not connect right away. they both just got out of bad relationships and were not ready to make the next move.

About a year later their paths crossed again. They were both single and ready for something new. One could say destiny has a lot to do with this encounter again. They just happened to be at a country bar. Christopher asked Melissa to dance. He told her that he had been looking for her his entire life.

Over the next 6 months they fell in love. They both knew they were meant to be. He asked her to marry him at their favorite country singer's concert. They were front row and when he pop the question. The people around them went wild. So much so that Easton Corbin stopped his show just to congratulate them. Asking for a woman’s hand in marriage is one of the most important things a man will do in his life. Therefore, a good deal of consideration should be put into the timing and setting of this event.Christopher sure did and he made it such a memorable moment for her.

Their wedding ceremony was so symbolic and emotional. Melissa's grandfather officiated the ceremony in Spanish. It meant the world to both of them. Family is first. Mexican-American weddings make for an enjoyable party for all guests to enjoy! Not only is family a huge portion of the event, but also traditional events! I was so touched to see the groom get so emotional when his bride was walking down the isle. during the ceremony They lassoed together by their padrinos. It's a symbol of unity that's common in Catholic wedding ceremonies. The reception was also full of traditions and so muchfun. One of those traditions was  the money dance, where guests pay (and sometimes pin bills to the Bride’s dress) to dance with the bride. This money is normally used for the honeymoon, or used to purchase furniture for the couple’s new home.

It was a lovely beautiful wedding of nonstop fun, nonstop love and happy tears.  These guys are clearly so in love and one can tell that family matters to them the most. I want to thank this amazing couple for choosing me to be their photographer for their big day. May god continue to bless you both. I also like to thanks the two lovely ladies who assisted me during this wedding. You can see some of their images here edited by me. check out their websites and see their amazing work. and